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Low market risk
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Transparent DeFi technology
Neither the Project Team, nor anyone else has access to user funds deposited via Infodriver smart contract. All balances and transactions are open and available for verification.
Open source code
Our service uses a fully transparent decentralized smart contract architecture built on Binance Smart Chain.
Autonomous and full control over funds
Smart contract - provides the ability to withdraw funds, even if the site is down, through any available Block Explorer, e.g. bscscan.


01. What Is Infodriver?
Infodriver is a group of smart contracts that works with leading DeFi projects for ensuring its users the most reliable and highly profitable level of liquidity mining at minimal fees. Our service relies on a fully transparent decentralized smart contract architecture built on top of the Binance Smart Chain.
02. How We Managed to Reduce Commissions by 100 Times?
We have successfully developed a solution which allows users to launch liquidity mining from the Binance Smart Chain. This allows achieving a more than 100-fold reduction of commissions for launching farming while ensuring the same level of reliability that other popular networks provide. Thanks to the implementation of such an approach, holders of small balances can now resort to using some of the best liquidity farming mechanisms.
03. How the Infodriver Smart Contract Works?
By using IDR BUSD we create LP token IDR-BUSD and place them in PancakeSwap to increase LP token value via trading activities. Instead of providing liquidity to PancakeSwap, by Infodriver you‘ll get incentivized rewards in IDC tokens. By staking IDR with a solo pool, you'll also get the incentivized rewards in IDC tokens.
04. How Profit-Taking Takes Place?
Profit taking takes place through PancakeSwap. By pooling liquidity, profits are fixed in one transaction for all users at once. This is how Infodriver minimizes fees and forwards liquidity using Binance Smart Chain network.
05. Smart Contract Audit and Security
The reliability and transparency of our service and smart contract will be confirmed by a public review from a well-known team of auditors very soon.